BNCGG Conferences

Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:30Laurent Delobbe
"Rainfall observation and nowcasting at fine scale - recent progress and challenges"
15:45Patrick Willems
"Urban flood modelling and nowcasting"
Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB - Nicolet room), Brussels, Belgium
14:00Véronique Dehant
"Study of the rotation of the Earth and application to Mars"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:30Alain Dassargues
"Groundwater pumping and sinking cities"
15:45Marnik Vanclooster
"Introducing uncertainty in the impact assessments of climate change on local scale hydrology"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:00Alexander Mangold
"Atmospheric aerosol at Princess Elisabeth station, East Antarctica: what those tiny particles can tell us about the Antarctic atmosphere"
15:00Denis Lombardi
"Seismology at Princess Elisabeth station, East-Antarctica: what seismometers can tell us about the ice-sheet dynamics"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:00Thomas Lecocq
"AcceleROB: measuring earthquake strong ground motion in Belgium"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:00Arnaud Beth (IRAP, Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie, Toulouse)
"Analytical modeling of terrestrial planets' upper atmospheres: analysis of the scarce collisions and influence of the stellar radiation pressure"
15:00Michel Crucifix, Earth and Life Institute (ELI) and Georges Lemaître Centre for Earth and Climate Research (TECLIM)
"Understanding the current challenges in climate modelling: dynamics, thermodynamics and statistics"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:15Steven Dewitte (RMI and BNCGG Vice-President)
"Total Solar Irradiance measurements: quantification of the solar radiative forcing of the earth's climate from 30 years of observations from space"
15:15Frédéric Clette (ROB)
"The sunspot number time series: a full recalibration of the primary 300-year record of solar activity"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:00Pierre Delmelle, Earth and Life Institute, Université catholique de Louvain
"Volcanic flank collapse and ocean fertilization by volcanic ash: is there a common denominator"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:00David Dehenauw (KMI/IRM)
"Communication aspects of high impact weather: the Pukkelpop storm case"
15:00Pierre Ozer (ULg)
"Communication and catastrophe: everything is under control"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:00Jean-Louis Tison
"Ice-Ocean interactions under the Roi Baudouin Ice Shelf, East Antarctica: controls on sea level rise"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:30E. N. Parker (University of Chicago)
"The Peculiar Mathematical Properties of the Force Free Field Equation and the Solar X-Ray Corona"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
13:30Bjorn Gustavsson (School of Physics and Astronomy University of Southampton, Southampton, UK)
"On Filamentation and Anti-Filamentation of Auroral Arcs"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:00Gaetan Le Chat (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon)
"Large-scale variation of the high latitute fast solar wind properties"
15:00Norma Crosby (BISA)
"Welcome to the World of Solar Energetic Particles"
Université catholique de Louvain (Croix du Sud, SUD01), Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
13:00Michel Crucifix (UCL)
"Probabilities, Dynamical Systems, and Climate Sciences : how do we put this together ?"
14:00Michel Van Camp (ROB)
"An unexpected earthquake but an expected tsunami in Northern Honshu (Japan) on March 11, 2011"
Royal Meteorological Institute, Brussels, Belgium
14:00Romain Maggiolo (BISA)
"Ionospheric outflow: influence of the Earth magnetic environment"
Universiteit Gent (Marine Geology, Sterre Campus), Gent, Belgium
14:00Verleyen, E., Hodgson, D.A. , Tavernier, I. , Roberts, S.J. , Sterken, M., Sabbe, K. & Vyverman, W.
"Coastal Antarctic lakes: recorders of past changes in climate and relative sea level"
15:00Moernaut, J., De Batist, M., Heirman, K., Van Daele, M., Brümmer, R., Urrutia, R., Wolff, C., Brauer, A., Roberts, S., Kilian, R. & Pino, M.
"Recurrence of 1960-like earthquake shaking in South-Central Chile revealed by lacustrine sedimentary records"
Jozef Heutsauditorium, Heverlee, Belgium
14:00Patrick Willems (KULeuven)
"Impact of climate change on hydrological extremes"
15:00Niko Verhoest, Sander Vandenberghe, Bernard De Baets (UGhent)
"Stochastic rainfall modelling for hydrological design"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
14:00Philippe Huybrechts (VUB)
"Overview of cryospheric science in Belgium"
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Meridian room), Brussels, Belgium
10:00Eugène Parker (University of Chicago)
"Kinetic and hydrodynamic representation of the solar corona and the solar wind"
11:00N.Meyer-Vernet, Laboratoire LESIA, Fr
"Solar wind acceleration in exospheric models: electric field and heat flux"
11:30A.Usmanov, GSFC NASA, USA
"3D MHD modeling of the solar corona and solar wind"
12:00B.Shizgal,Univ of British Columbia,Canada
"Kappa distribution functions and heating of the heavy ions in the solar wind"
14:05J. Lemaire, BISA
"Introduction to solar/stellar winds"
14:25M. Echim, BISA
"The kinetic structure of 1D and 2D magnetic discontinuities"
14:45Eugène Parker (University of Chicago)
"Stellar X-ray emission and spontaneous discontinuities in magnetic fields"
16:00D. Berghmans, ROB
"EUV imaging of the solar corona"
16:30G. Lapenta, KUL
"Large scale modeling of CMEs"
14:00Clovis Jacinto de Matos (ESA)
"Scientific research and global navigation satellite systems"
15:30Thierry Camelbeeck (ROB)
"The earthquake activity in central Belgium since July 2008"
Eric Deleersnijder (UCL)
"The astonishing effectiveness of dimension reduction in complex geophysical flow modelling"
Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele (UCL)
"Climate change: the last IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report and new developments"
Steven Dewitte (IRM/KMI)
"30 years of Total Solar Irradiance measurements: status and outlook for the future"
Joachim Vogt
"Effects of internal geomagnetic variations on the earth's space"
Gerald Ernst (Department of Geology and Soil Science, University of Ghent)
"Understanding how volcanoes ans eruptions work : insights from observations and analogue modelling"
J. Ray
"Anomalous harmonics in the spectra of GPS position estimates"
Sanjay S. Limaye and Mrs Rosalyn Pertzborn
"Back to Venus and in the future to Jupiter with Juno"
Vladimir Pletser
"The ESA programmes of earth observation : an introduction"
Laurent White
"A revolution in numerical model design : towards the second generation of geophysical fluid flow models"